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Women Matter Canada's Statement on the #LetWomenSpeak Auckland event

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Women Matter Canada unequivocally condemns the treatment Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull received in Auckland, NZ by misogynistic gender ideologues determined to prevent women from speaking about their issues at a #LetWomenSpeak rally. This was not about “joyful music and chanting” (as claimed by Auckland Pride on Twitter). It was about a baying, out of control mob screaming obscenities, smashing through barriers, and assaulting women. There was no police presence; the mainstream media ran a grotesque cartoon celebrating the “triumph” of mob rule crushing free speech, and it’s impossible not to see that none of this could have happened without the eager collusion of government. As for all those on social media who are suggesting that Kellie-Jay “brought it on herself” and who have gleefully labelled her as a Nazi, they too have aided and abetted the modern-day witch hunts which seek to silence us. We stand firmly behind #StandingForWomen and Kellie-Jay. And let the word go out - women will speak, and we will not be silent. Not now. Not until every one of our sisters is free to give tongue to her hopes and fears. Not ever again.


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