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Graphic of QR code with the question "Who is Keira Bell?"


Women's Rights Today QR code

Flyer QR Code

Posters & Flyers (Fits on letter sized paper)

Poster with the words "Protect Women's Sports" featuring image of three women running. At the bottom it states "Identities don't compete in sports. Bodies compete in sports."
Flyer with four separate quadrants, each quadrant has a QR code. Top left quadrant has question "What is a woman?". Top right quadrant has the question "What are male rapists doing in women's prisons?" The lower left quadrant asks "Why are government and public organizations abandoning the needs of women and girls?" The bottom left quadrant states "Expose CBC censorship".
The flyer features two eyes looking intently straight ahead with black above and below. Below the eyes are the words "war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength men are women". Below the statement is a purple band with the words "the erosion of female sex-based rights"

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